Student. Electronic music producer. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioner. Pizza guy. Raver. Mechanic. I am a Renaissance kid, and these are the thoughts I have that I'm be embarrassed to put into words...except on the internet.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Never thought I'd have a blog.

Sup ladies and gay men? My name is Gabe, and this is a combination of me wanting an outlet for my thoughts and trying to find a creative way to do a social psych project. A few days ago, we all took personality tests, and had to pick a trait we found that was a big part of our personalities that we wanted to do away with. We are supposed to figure out how that trait affects our lives by trying to notice when we exhibit it. I'm going to use this blog as a way to record my behavior and a journal. What's my trait, you ask?

That's why I chose to do something that people could read. The trait I've chosen about myself is my borderline multiple personality disorder thoughts. I argue with myself all day long. I spent ten minutes today trying to decide if I should use the machine at the pump that takes bills or just go inside. Why? The guy at the gas station near my work is a big ass Russian dude that I'm pretty sure is involved in all sorts of criminal things. He gets irritated very easily. A lot of my pay is tips, so I had $40 in ones. I figured ol' Vlad would be irritated counting my 40 ones, but it'd take me a half hour to put all those bills into the machine. I ended up deciding that I didn't give a damn what Vlad thought and went inside. Vlad was not there, it was some skinny guy I'd never seen before. He was extremely friendly.

I do this with so many decisions I make...or sometimes not even descisions. I wish I knew why. Hoping this blog will give me some insight into myself. Maybe meet some similar minded people. Maybe just kill a few minutes a day. WHO KNOWS MAN, THE WORLD'S A CRAZY PLACE.


  1. If the world is a crazy place, I'm sure you'll fit right in, haha.